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pumpmoms's Journal

Moms pumping breastmilk
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This is a closed community because we want moms to feel comfortable posting here. Please request to join and email me at pumpmoms@helixnetworks.com with your introduction. Sending an introduction is a requirement for membership and your subscription can not be approved without it. The community owner reserves the right to deny membership to applicants as they see fit.

I am a SAHM/WAHM of boy/girl twins. I have pumped breastmilk for them from when they were born on 7/1/02 to when they were 17 months old. Since they were born at 33 weeks they never did latch on and breastfeed. So, I choose to feed them breastmilk via bottle. The whole family was much happier for it.

I started this community because there is very little information and support out there for moms who pump while breastfeeding much less those who pump full time (EP'er = Exclusive Pumper).

This community is open to any mom who is or will be pumping for their baby. Also for any dad's who are supporting a pumping mom. Please try and stay on topic and if you have any questions about feeding at the breast then refer to the breastfeeding communities.

Lastly, please be kind to those of us who for whatever reason cannot get our babies to the breast. Some women do not can't or don't want to feed at the breast and become offended when offered hints or tips about getting their baby to the breast.

There is also a yahoogroup that is dedicated to pumping moms but the traffic is pretty high. Their website is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pumpmoms/ .

Please do not post any pictures on this community unless it is one relating to a pump or pumping question.