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Thanks so much for all your Isis pump advice. I called and they are sending me 3 of the valves for free PLUS the pump body! All for nothing! My pump body broke and I tossed it in the trash and bought a whole new pump.

This rocks thanks so much for the info. Here's the # for customer service if you need to call! 800-54-AVENT (800-542-8368), 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (CST), Monday through Friday.
married folks

Isis pump

For those of you who use the Isis pump.....

Is there any way to get more of those little circular pieces that fit into the main part of the pump? You know the little piece that your pump won't function without! I almost had a heart attack today at work because the piece was missing (thank goodness I later found it in the sink at home).

If I lose it for good, do I have to buy a whole new pump?
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I've been meaning to mention this, in case there are other travelin' moms who end up pumping all over the place in weird locations like I do:

If you pump in the bathroom on an airplane, and your pump motor sounds a little weird and/or you don't get as much milk as fast as you were expecting, it doesn't mean that there's something wrong with the pump, or your batteries are dying, or you're having supply issues -- the lower air pressure aloft affects the amount of vaccuum the pump can pull.

Maybe this is totally a DUH point for some, but it weirded ME out the first time! I almost threw away a set of perfectly good batteries!

Incidentally, Continental's 777s have really great bathrooms, actually big enough to turn around in and with a fold-down seat so you don't have to sit on the toilet lid, and there's *10* of them on the plane so you don't have to feel guilty about tying one up.

help..... (x-posted)

hopefully someone can help me out here.. I'm getting pretty upset about this... I pump for my son during the day while I am at work, up until the last couple of days I have been able to pump out at least 6 oz per pumping (I pump 3 times during the day) with my first pump usually pumping out in excess of 8-10 oz... well the last couple of days I have only been able to get 3 1/2 oz at the most per session (and this is between both breasts) I have started taking Fenugreek and drinking the mothers milk tea and I also added a pumping at the end of the day and one first thing in the morning, but the same thing, I am not producing enough.. I nurse my son while we are at home.. I don't know what to do.. I dont' know what is causing this... I don't want to lose my supply.... That is what I am afraid of.... As of right now I don't even have enough to feed him during the day tomorrow,... Can any of you please give me some suggestions on what I can do...

thanks in advance

WhisperWear pump

Does anyone here use the WhisperWear pump? I'm thinking about obtaining one for use on business trips, because of its small size and ability to use a battery pack, but I'm not sure if it's really going to be adequate to produce what I need to produce over a 2-3 day trip to not deplete my freezer stock or compromise my supply. I might still get it to try and just take both that and my mighty, dependable Whittlestone on the first trip, so I can use the WW during the day when getting both privacy and an outlet in the same location can be a pain, and the WS at night and first thing in the morning when I really get most of my pumping done anyway, but that does sort of defeat one of my two purposes, which is to have something small enough to stuff in my luggage so I can get through airport security with the requisite only two bags. :)

Anyway, I would appreciate anyone's thoughts on the adequacy of the WW over a sustained period of exclusive pumping. Thanks!

Supply question

I am pumping 3 times a day while I"m at work for my almost 12 week old son.. I normally get a good 4-5oz out of my right breast, but my left breast only produces about 1-2 oz, sometimes I"ll get 4 oz but that's normall just in the morning... Is this common??? I am having to pump at least 24 oz a day (that's how much he eats) and I also want to get some excess to re-build up my freezer stash... any thoughts, comments, suggestions :)
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HELP Please

I'm getting VERY discouraged and feeling like a complete failure. My son will be 5 months August 15th and my milk supply has been deminishing drastically. I have been back to work for 3 months and where I used to be able to pump 4-6 oz at a I am lucky if I get 2-3. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to replenish my supply. I cherish the moments I have with my son while breastfeeding...and if I can not pump enough, I fear that he isn't getting enough when I feel him from the breast at home. I tried the herb Fenugreek, but it doesn't seem to be helping. Should I up the dosage? Anything else I should be considering. Any help is much appreciated.

~A very discouraged, loving mother
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manual versus electric

Hello. I'm headed back to work in about three weeks, and currently the only pump I own is a manual Avent Isis pump. I used this pump with my second son while I was in college, because there was 1) no place to privately plug in an electric on campus. I've rented a Medela pump before, but it was HARSH on my breasts. I've heard recently from two other moms that the Avent isn't strong enough to keep your supply up. With my second son, I did loose my supply, but I attributed it to the fact that I didn't pump often enough because it was so hard to find a private place that wasn't a bathroom stall.
Now I'll have a private place to pump (my office), but I'm wondering if the Isis will be enough to keep my supply up. Should I invest in an electric pump? If so, what would you recommend? I'm looking for something that is primarily comfortable. I'm thinking about the WhisperWear - has anyone tried it?