October 20th, 2005

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Welcome Hope!!

my name is hope and i'm a 26 yr old mom of 3. i was able to be a full time sahm to my older girls who are 6 and 4.5 but now i am working and just had a baby boy in sept and must go back to work soon. i have NEVER had a reason to long term pump until now, i am so scared and really need support and help. seems like most breastfeeding moms on most communities are sahm. i go back in about 2 weeks or so and am terrified of things like not pumping enough and him refusing the bottle or maybe worse... him refusing me, etc. i just really eed some pumping mom support because i want him to have nothing but my milk until he is ready for solids. help!

Intro & Questions

Hi all.

I'm a Mama of 3, ages 6, 4.5 and 5 weeks old. I was a full time SAHM to the two older ones but had to go back to work 2 years ago and now m onmaternity leave. I have to return to work in 2 and a half weeks and I want to get prepared for it. I never had to pump long term before, only on occasion so I'm new to this. I will be returning to work part time. I'm hoping to go back at 25-28 hours a week. I will be working anywhee from 5-7 hours a day 4 or 5 days a week (not sure yet how they want to schedule me when I return) so I have some questions.

I got a pump from Wic and I was renting one (my insurance paid for a month rental when my kids peditrician gave us a perscription). I have used the Lactina (rental) and it works well but I have to return it soon. I can't afford to rent it plus, it's not exactly work friendlly. I work at a local Wild Oats Natural Marketplace. Basically a grocery store. I don't have the luxery of a personal office space. I now own a Ameda, I think it's a "Purely Yours" and it has a manual attachment that would be better for discreet pumpin at work since there aren't too many "discreet" and private places to pump where I work. Haven't used it just yet.

When is the best timeto pump? I have no idea how much I should have stored away for him. he is 5 weeks old. I have left him with my Mother (who will be his main caregiver) with 2 oz of milk in 3 containers and told her to feed him what he will and add in more an oz or so at a time and so far he takes in about 2 - 2.5 oz a feeding.

I haven't had ANY luck with the Lactina unless I let him eat off one boob all day and let the other one "get full". Then I can get about 4- 5 oz from that one. Is that OK? I am completely clueless! I am just so scared I won't be able to pump enough. I really need my job or else I'd stay home. I don't want him to EVER have formula so I have to make this work. I just need all kinds of tips. I was told once to pump after a feeding but I didn't get anything. How often should I pump and when I'm at work how should I pump so I don't lose my supply? I get a 10 minute one 30 minute break at work, if I work 7 hours I get an additional 10 more. They are usually spaced every 2 hrs unless we get busy or are short staffed.
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