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Welcome Hope!!

my name is hope and i'm a 26 yr old mom of 3. i was able to be a full time sahm to my older girls who are 6 and 4.5 but now i am working and just had a baby boy in sept and must go back to work soon. i have NEVER had a reason to long term pump until now, i am so scared and really need support and help. seems like most breastfeeding moms on most communities are sahm. i go back in about 2 weeks or so and am terrified of things like not pumping enough and him refusing the bottle or maybe worse... him refusing me, etc. i just really eed some pumping mom support because i want him to have nothing but my milk until he is ready for solids. help!
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I had those some feelings also. Just take it day by day then thinking about long term. My baby is 9.5 months and I've been working since she was 2.5 months. My plan is a year but thinking it that way seems so long. So I just think day by day and have a goal to make it to the weekend.

To me, the trick in getting enough milk out is getting a "let down". If I don't get one, that's when I get worried. So practice getting a let down with the pump. Before it was quite easy for me, now I have to think "baby" thoughts while I pump. More like her sucking at the breast. And there are other ways a baby can get her milk (cup feeding or syringe) or the baby may prefer a certain type of bottle.

Just do everything that you've planned and stick it thru. Things that have helped me is nurse right before I leave from work and right when I come back. And encourage night nursing.