krackergrl (krackergrl) wrote in pumpmoms,

pumping/nipple question

ive been pumping several times a day, pumping at work..nursing at home...stephen has pretty only been breastmilk, so when im at work, I pump during the times he gets a bottle..well the past week or so when i pump..its been really.. really.. REALLY hurting..and the nippled ends up so purple, almost all the blood is being pulled to it..its never done that before. I use the medela pump in style i havent changed settings from what ive always done, i gradually build up to a fast speed, then gradually build back down , everything is the same as ive always done it the past 6 months, i havent changed anything, I have no idea why its doing this. I tried lowering the suction, but it still does it, then if I lower it much more, not that much milk comes out. my supply has gone down since Ive started feeding him solids and stuff, but not THAT much. does this happen to anyone else? any suggestions?
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