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Hello... I'm new to this community. Let me introduce ourselves. My baby daughter Zsuzsa was born 4 weeks ago. She's my first child. Breastfeeding has been a challenge for us from the beginning, at first because I have huge (36H) breasts now that I'm lactating, plus flat nipples. So it took us a while to get the hang of things, but that part is okay now.

When my milk came in, I had really large quantities of it. I was able to collect 250 ml (about 8 ounces) just from the nipple shells I was using, without pumping at all.

Then it seemed like my milk wasn't enough, maybe she was just going through a growth spurt, or maybe I was too stressed and it was affecting my supply, I don't know. After a few days of practically nonstop nursing plus expressing, I was able to work up my supply to where I can now express about 140 ml (4.5 ounces) in addition to what my daughter eats.

Is there a limit to how much extra I can produce? It seems to me that what I can express in a day is about one feeding for her. That doesn't seem too impressive. I'm expressing milk because next Wednesday I go back to school, which means I'll be leaving my daughter with my mother or my fiance every other Wednesday for basically 10 hours at a stretch. Which could mean as many as 10 feedings for her, if she's in one of her little piggy moods. :)

My second question is about pumps. I have an Avent Isis, but it never worked for me... with the silicone padding in the funnel part, it doesn't suck at all. if I remove it, there's milk for a few pumps, then it just hurts my nipple, but no more milk comes out. If I wipe off the funnel part, I'm good for another few pumps. It just doesn't seem worth it, so I do it by hand these days. Are there any other tricks with this pump I should try? Is pumping faster than hand expressing?
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Hi! How do you pronounce your daughter's name?

I'm guessing you'll be able to pump a lot more when you go back to school, because your daughter won't be taking it all. ;-) At least that's how it works for me.

If you're going to be gone for 10 hours at a time, I'd suggest a more heavy duty pump, such as an Ameda Purely Yours or a Medela Pump in Style. An Isis is really only good for the occasional bottle here and there. Some people have great luck with them for long separations, but they're really the exception, not the rule.

Pumping is much faster and more lucrative than hand expressing for me, but I've heard of people that get more by hand expressing than they do by pumping. It's very individual.