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Hello everyone!!

Thank-you for allowing me into your community!!!  I have 5 children (4 girls & 1 boy) here with me & a precious angel baby in Heaven with Jesus.  My children range in age from 16 yrs down to 13 months.  I have exclusively bf my baby since she was born.  NO formula here!!  I did daycare in my home & recently quit & became a SAHM in April.  NOW I am going back to college.  I am still bfing & have some questions about pumping.  I have pumped before but not on a regular basis.  Just every now & then.  I will be going to school 2 hours away from early morning until late late night on Monday & Wednesday.  So in order to keep my supply up I am going to have to pump.  So if you ladies would be so kind to answer questions that would be great!!!  I look forward to getting to know all of you!!!

How often do you pump when you are away from your baby?  Do you pump when you normally nurse each time or just do 1 pump to cover several bfing sessions?

Storing....I will be gone from 7am-11pm.  Over 12 hours.  Is it safe to pump then store the EBM in a container in a cooler with ice packs?  The cooler will be in my car & it has been extremely hot out but with ice packs that should be ok?  I don't want it to spoil so hopefully that will be cold enough for it.

Before when I pumped I just wasn't getting very much out.  I would get 2 oz on each side & that is it.  No matter what I couldn't seem to get over the 2 oz/side.  Is that normal or just because my body wasn't used to it and now that I start doing it on a regular basis it should go better?

How do you clean your "supplies"?  Just rinse off in a bathroom sink?

OH...I have a Medula PIS.  Very nice!!!!  Thanks in advance for all the info ladies!!!!

God Bless, Kelli


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