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I am currently pregnant with my first baby. I am not due until august but I have brought a breast pump because I would like to pump exclusively. My doctor thinks I am insane, but I have had 5 lumpectomy and I am a little self conscious about my breasts. So the thought of having to breast feed in public...or expose my breasts period is not appealing to me. However I still would like to give my baby the health benefits of breast feeding. I've read many pregnancy books...but none seem to focus on exclusive pumping. I know it is a little premature to be joining now, due to the fact I still have some time to go. However I would like to gain information to make the process easier. I brought an Avent Isis pump. I don't know if I will need an electric one instead. I would appreciate if I could join. However I would understand if I could not. Thank you for your time. Stardustic
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Starductic: If you are going to exclusively pump, you will need an electric pump, IMO. I have both the Avent Isis and the Pump In Style. I haven't started pumping with this baby yet (born 5 days ago), but when I was pumping for my older daughter, I ended up getting the electric pump because I got tired of pumping manually, even though I was only pumping a couple of times a week (enough to get milk for her trips to grandparents' houses). The Avent Isis, from what I understand, is the easiest on your hand as far as manual pumps go, so it's good for occasional pumping.

As for being self conscious about your breasts, you don't have to expose them in public. I am very shy about my body as well, so when I was out, I would find a private area to breastfeed if my daughter needed to nurse. And no, I never nursed in a bathroom. I usually went to dressing rooms, had my husband hold up a blanket til I got everything arranged, then he draped it over me, or I would go back out to the car and nurse. I actually hate that I feel like I have to do that...after all, you never see formula feeders get asked to move to the bathroom when they're feeding their babies. I think breastfeeding (exposed breasts and all, if necessary) should be allowed ANYWHERE that bottle feeders can feed their babies, without getting rude stares or requests to move. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening in our society anytime soon. :(