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Welcome Stardustic & Tabbyfoo!

Stardustic intro

I am currently pregnant with my first baby. I am not due until august but I have brought a breast pump because I would like to pump exclusively. My doctor thinks I am insane, but I have had 5 lumpectomy and I am a little self conscious about my breasts. So the thought of having to breast feed in public...or expose my breasts period is not appealing to me. However I still would like to give my baby the health benefits of breast feeding. I've read many pregnancy books...but none seem to focus on exclusive pumping. I know it is a little premature to be joining now, due to the fact I still have some time to go. However I would like to gain information to make the process easier. I brought an Avent Isis pump. I don't know if I will need an electric one instead. I would appreciate if I could join. However I would understand if I could not. Thank you for your time. Stardustic
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