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help..... (x-posted)

hopefully someone can help me out here.. I'm getting pretty upset about this... I pump for my son during the day while I am at work, up until the last couple of days I have been able to pump out at least 6 oz per pumping (I pump 3 times during the day) with my first pump usually pumping out in excess of 8-10 oz... well the last couple of days I have only been able to get 3 1/2 oz at the most per session (and this is between both breasts) I have started taking Fenugreek and drinking the mothers milk tea and I also added a pumping at the end of the day and one first thing in the morning, but the same thing, I am not producing enough.. I nurse my son while we are at home.. I don't know what to do.. I dont' know what is causing this... I don't want to lose my supply.... That is what I am afraid of.... As of right now I don't even have enough to feed him during the day tomorrow,... Can any of you please give me some suggestions on what I can do...

thanks in advance
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how old is your baby? some moms experience a dip around 4mo because of the hormone levels in their body re-adjusting after pgcy.

could your period be getting ready to come back? i've heard lots of women say that they experience a temporary drop when their period comes back.

adding pumps, drinking the MMT, taking fenugreek, etc, are all good steps to upping your supply. it might take several days to see an increase, so don't give up just yet. do you eat oatmeal? any form of oatmeal is good: regular, instant, cookies, granola, etc. make sure you're drinking plenty of water, at least 6-8 cups per day, if not more.

can you try tandem pumping? ie pumping one side while baby nurses on the other.

how often do you pump at work? i'd suggest pumping every 2-3 hours during the workday if at all possible.

and i know this will be the hardest of all, but try not to get too stressed out. stress is one of the biggest supply busters there is. so stressing and worrying will make it even worse. when pumping, try to distract yourself from looking at the ounces on the bottles. read a book/magazine (i've heard some moms use romance novels for this purpose, haha), look at websites, read emails/LJ. bring an article of your baby's clothing and a picture, and smell baby's scent while looking at his pic.

you will get through this, i'm confident in that. you are a smart mama and have already done lots of good steps toward rebuilding your supply. keep it up!
thanks.. He's 4 1/2 months old... I've started on teh oatmeal.. going to make some oatmeal cookies tonight :)

I have tried the tandem pumping, but he's so wiggly that he tries to grab the tubing from the pump, I"m thinking about getting a manual pump just for this reason...

thanks for your advise!
Right around four months most mom's see a drop in the amount they are pumping. It is because your milk is going from hormone based production to supply and demand. Just keep pumping and it should resolve itself. This also happens around 10 months as well. HTH :)
thanks! It makes me feel better!! I guess I am just going to be attached to the pump alot more now :)
Something I didn't see anyone else suggest, but what was usually the culprit when I started pumping a lot less all of a sudden: Have you checked your pump to make sure everything was connected properly? I remember getting frustrated at only getting an ounce or two after 20 minutes of pumpin and not understanding because I'd usually get around 5-6 ounces at a time. Turns out, the valves hadn't been replaced properly, or the tubing wasn't all the way connected, or something like that. My Pump In Style actually has a defect where I can't pump just one breast because it lets air out where it shouldn't (I solved that by connecting tubing and just holding it with my thumb--never got around to ordering a replacement part because I was almost finished with pumping when I discovered it).

So, check and make sure your pump is working too! :)
I will definately do that tonight!! I have a Purely Yours and just replaced the valve thingies on it over the weekend & then noticed the drop... thanks!!!!!