Jess (velcro_girl) wrote in pumpmoms,

Supply question

I am pumping 3 times a day while I"m at work for my almost 12 week old son.. I normally get a good 4-5oz out of my right breast, but my left breast only produces about 1-2 oz, sometimes I"ll get 4 oz but that's normall just in the morning... Is this common??? I am having to pump at least 24 oz a day (that's how much he eats) and I also want to get some excess to re-build up my freezer stash... any thoughts, comments, suggestions :)
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on your days off pump on one side while he eats on the other to help get some extra in the freezer or for that week.
someone told me to pump right after he eats at his morning feeding. your supply is the best right then, so you should get a couple ounces... i pump twice during the day.
I usually have no problem with my first pump, it's just those thereafter... Maybe I've just got a lazy breast :)
put a patch on it? sorry. that's what they used to do for lazy eye to get the other one to work harder. i try to feed more on my "lazy" side and it has helped a bit.
lol :) I am going to try to feed him more on that side :)