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manual versus electric

Hello. I'm headed back to work in about three weeks, and currently the only pump I own is a manual Avent Isis pump. I used this pump with my second son while I was in college, because there was 1) no place to privately plug in an electric on campus. I've rented a Medela pump before, but it was HARSH on my breasts. I've heard recently from two other moms that the Avent isn't strong enough to keep your supply up. With my second son, I did loose my supply, but I attributed it to the fact that I didn't pump often enough because it was so hard to find a private place that wasn't a bathroom stall.
Now I'll have a private place to pump (my office), but I'm wondering if the Isis will be enough to keep my supply up. Should I invest in an electric pump? If so, what would you recommend? I'm looking for something that is primarily comfortable. I'm thinking about the WhisperWear - has anyone tried it?
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I am a big fan of the pump in style. It is just as good as any hospital grade pump and it comes in a really nice bag. It goes for about $199.00 new and around $99.00 used on Ebay :)
i've heard that the Whittlestone Expresser is also good. it massages rather than sucks. regardless -- go electric if you can. congrats on the baby, having a place to pump, and going back to work!
I second this about the Whittlestone (I love mine), and in fact I'm probably the person robiewankenobie heard it from! :)

Also, I have a recommendation on a place to get it: Baby Belly Boutique. They're nice to deal with, have great customer service, and they have rental programs for both the Whittlestone and (coming soon) the Whisperwear, so if you wanted to try one or both without the full commitment, you could do that.
wow, finally I meet someone who has used the Whittlestone!! so you love it? It sounds somewhat similar to the Isis, which I love... does it keep your supply up? how loud/quiet is it? is it easy to put together and use? how long does it take you to pump with it? is it easy to clean? have you had any problems with it?

(sorry for the barrage of questions, but it's either the Whittlestone or the Medela Pump in Style (I previously used the Medela Lactina), and all I can find info/opinions on is the PIS...
I do love it! I haven't used the Isis, so I can't really compare to that, but yes, it does sound like the feel is similar. Let's see if I can answer all these....

It does a great job of keeping my supply up -- in fact, I get more milk with it than my daughter consumes, and if I'm away from her for a stretch of a few days (I travel a lot with work) then I actually get a little oversupply going.

I'm not really sure how loud it is compared to other electric pumps; it's been over 5 years since I used the Medela Pump-in-Style, so I can't really remember. It is audible through my office walls/door, though not loudly so, but conference calls and conversations are also audible. I don't think it's any louder than the PIS, really.

It's very easy to put together and use; I use it a heck of a lot in bathroom stalls when I'm traveling, and I'm able to hang the bag on the back of the door and manage to put it all together, use it, and break it back down very quickly and without necessarily having a place to put things down.

I generally use it for a 20-minute stretch, but sometimes if I'm in a hurry, I'll decide after 15 minutes or less that I've gotten enough milk (usually 8 oz is my stopping point when I do this) and I'm not going to get engorged before the next pumping opportunity if I stop.

It's very easy to clean; they actually recommend just rinsing it with hot water after pumping, and then breaking it down and washing with soap and water about once a week. You have to be a little careful reassembling it to make sure you don't get the nipple cups twisted, but aside from that it's really quite easy.

I have had a couple of problems with it, but the customer service is incredible and I've been very satisfied with how they've dealt with it. My pump motor went out one afternoon, and I called them just before closing time, and they overnighted me a new motor so I had it the next morning before I needed to pump again. The customer service tech actually took the package to UPS personally to make sure it got out that evening, and gave me his personal cell phone number so I could call if there was a problem. I also have had the cup liners rip twice; the first time I just bought the replacement parts, but the second time they had me break it down and describe it, and it turns out there was a little rough spot on one of the cups that was causing the tear, and they sent me new liners and a replacement cup free of charge, again by overnight. I kind of get the feeling that they're still experiencing some shakedown in their manufacturing, but they take care of it so expeditiously that I'm more than happy to continue to recommend them.

I hope that helps! Also, you may want to check out the rental programs I mentioned, since those let you really try it out, for not much exposure. Good luck!
why, yes you are! tsk, tsk, tsk...i should have attributed you, but i just didn't think about it.

i'm really envious.
Get a good quality double electric. I've also heard good things about the Whittlestone. I loved the Pump-in-Style, but if it was too harsh, you might be able to try something else. I think it was mostly something you had to get used to - the suction settings, the correct positioning, etc. The Purely Yours is also OK, although it's going to probably produce a little less milk than the Pump-in-Style.

I've heard a mixed bag about the Whisperwear. I've heard that it's hard to assemble and won't extract much milk, unless it's correctly assembled. I've also heard that it only pumps to bags, and you have to buy the bags from the company. It's also battery operated, so you have to replace batteries.