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Nursing while pregnant

I'd like some information from those of you who decided to nurse through your pregnancies. I just found out that I'm pregnant again. My daughter is 9 months old, and still largely breastfed, though she's eating more solid food these days.

My main concern is that I've already noticed a drop in my supply. I used to be able to pump about 2 extra ounces per day in addition to what she nursed from me, which was necessary because I go to work/school 3 days a week, and she gets expressed milk on those days.

She still has enough, but now expressing any extra is just a struggle. I've read that many women experience a drop in their supply around the 4-5th month of pregnancy, but I'm just 4 weeks pregnant. Does supply-demand work the same way during pregnancy, or is it just going to be an uphill battle trying to express milk from now on?


Intro & Questions

Hi all.

I'm a Mama of 3, ages 6, 4.5 and 5 weeks old. I was a full time SAHM to the two older ones but had to go back to work 2 years ago and now m onmaternity leave. I have to return to work in 2 and a half weeks and I want to get prepared for it. I never had to pump long term before, only on occasion so I'm new to this. I will be returning to work part time. I'm hoping to go back at 25-28 hours a week. I will be working anywhee from 5-7 hours a day 4 or 5 days a week (not sure yet how they want to schedule me when I return) so I have some questions.

I got a pump from Wic and I was renting one (my insurance paid for a month rental when my kids peditrician gave us a perscription). I have used the Lactina (rental) and it works well but I have to return it soon. I can't afford to rent it plus, it's not exactly work friendlly. I work at a local Wild Oats Natural Marketplace. Basically a grocery store. I don't have the luxery of a personal office space. I now own a Ameda, I think it's a "Purely Yours" and it has a manual attachment that would be better for discreet pumpin at work since there aren't too many "discreet" and private places to pump where I work. Haven't used it just yet.

When is the best timeto pump? I have no idea how much I should have stored away for him. he is 5 weeks old. I have left him with my Mother (who will be his main caregiver) with 2 oz of milk in 3 containers and told her to feed him what he will and add in more an oz or so at a time and so far he takes in about 2 - 2.5 oz a feeding.

I haven't had ANY luck with the Lactina unless I let him eat off one boob all day and let the other one "get full". Then I can get about 4- 5 oz from that one. Is that OK? I am completely clueless! I am just so scared I won't be able to pump enough. I really need my job or else I'd stay home. I don't want him to EVER have formula so I have to make this work. I just need all kinds of tips. I was told once to pump after a feeding but I didn't get anything. How often should I pump and when I'm at work how should I pump so I don't lose my supply? I get a 10 minute one 30 minute break at work, if I work 7 hours I get an additional 10 more. They are usually spaced every 2 hrs unless we get busy or are short staffed.
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Welcome Hope!!

my name is hope and i'm a 26 yr old mom of 3. i was able to be a full time sahm to my older girls who are 6 and 4.5 but now i am working and just had a baby boy in sept and must go back to work soon. i have NEVER had a reason to long term pump until now, i am so scared and really need support and help. seems like most breastfeeding moms on most communities are sahm. i go back in about 2 weeks or so and am terrified of things like not pumping enough and him refusing the bottle or maybe worse... him refusing me, etc. i just really eed some pumping mom support because i want him to have nothing but my milk until he is ready for solids. help!

pumping/nipple question

ive been pumping several times a day, pumping at work..nursing at home...stephen has pretty only been breastmilk, so when im at work, I pump during the times he gets a bottle..well the past week or so when i pump..its been really.. really.. REALLY hurting..and the nippled ends up so purple, almost black..like all the blood is being pulled to it..its never done that before. I use the medela pump in style i havent changed settings from what ive always done, i gradually build up to a fast speed, then gradually build back down , everything is the same as ive always done it the past 6 months, i havent changed anything, I have no idea why its doing this. I tried lowering the suction, but it still does it, then if I lower it much more, not that much milk comes out. my supply has gone down since Ive started feeding him solids and stuff, but not THAT much. does this happen to anyone else? any suggestions?
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Output question

Hello... I'm new to this community. Let me introduce ourselves. My baby daughter Zsuzsa was born 4 weeks ago. She's my first child. Breastfeeding has been a challenge for us from the beginning, at first because I have huge (36H) breasts now that I'm lactating, plus flat nipples. So it took us a while to get the hang of things, but that part is okay now.

When my milk came in, I had really large quantities of it. I was able to collect 250 ml (about 8 ounces) just from the nipple shells I was using, without pumping at all.

Then it seemed like my milk wasn't enough, maybe she was just going through a growth spurt, or maybe I was too stressed and it was affecting my supply, I don't know. After a few days of practically nonstop nursing plus expressing, I was able to work up my supply to where I can now express about 140 ml (4.5 ounces) in addition to what my daughter eats.

Is there a limit to how much extra I can produce? It seems to me that what I can express in a day is about one feeding for her. That doesn't seem too impressive. I'm expressing milk because next Wednesday I go back to school, which means I'll be leaving my daughter with my mother or my fiance every other Wednesday for basically 10 hours at a stretch. Which could mean as many as 10 feedings for her, if she's in one of her little piggy moods. :)

My second question is about pumps. I have an Avent Isis, but it never worked for me... with the silicone padding in the funnel part, it doesn't suck at all. if I remove it, there's milk for a few pumps, then it just hurts my nipple, but no more milk comes out. If I wipe off the funnel part, I'm good for another few pumps. It just doesn't seem worth it, so I do it by hand these days. Are there any other tricks with this pump I should try? Is pumping faster than hand expressing?

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Hello everyone!!

Thank-you for allowing me into your community!!!  I have 5 children (4 girls & 1 boy) here with me & a precious angel baby in Heaven with Jesus.  My children range in age from 16 yrs down to 13 months.  I have exclusively bf my baby since she was born.  NO formula here!!  I did daycare in my home & recently quit & became a SAHM in April.  NOW I am going back to college.  I am still bfing & have some questions about pumping.  I have pumped before but not on a regular basis.  Just every now & then.  I will be going to school 2 hours away from early morning until late late night on Monday & Wednesday.  So in order to keep my supply up I am going to have to pump.  So if you ladies would be so kind to answer questions that would be great!!!  I look forward to getting to know all of you!!!

How often do you pump when you are away from your baby?  Do you pump when you normally nurse each time or just do 1 pump to cover several bfing sessions?

Storing....I will be gone from 7am-11pm.  Over 12 hours.  Is it safe to pump then store the EBM in a container in a cooler with ice packs?  The cooler will be in my car & it has been extremely hot out but with ice packs that should be ok?  I don't want it to spoil so hopefully that will be cold enough for it.

Before when I pumped I just wasn't getting very much out.  I would get 2 oz on each side & that is it.  No matter what I couldn't seem to get over the 2 oz/side.  Is that normal or just because my body wasn't used to it and now that I start doing it on a regular basis it should go better?

How do you clean your "supplies"?  Just rinse off in a bathroom sink?

OH...I have a Medula PIS.  Very nice!!!!  Thanks in advance for all the info ladies!!!!

God Bless, Kelli


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Welcome Stardustic & Tabbyfoo!

Stardustic intro

I am currently pregnant with my first baby. I am not due until august but I have brought a breast pump because I would like to pump exclusively. My doctor thinks I am insane, but I have had 5 lumpectomy and I am a little self conscious about my breasts. So the thought of having to breast feed in public...or expose my breasts period is not appealing to me. However I still would like to give my baby the health benefits of breast feeding. I've read many pregnancy books...but none seem to focus on exclusive pumping. I know it is a little premature to be joining now, due to the fact I still have some time to go. However I would like to gain information to make the process easier. I brought an Avent Isis pump. I don't know if I will need an electric one instead. I would appreciate if I could join. However I would understand if I could not. Thank you for your time. Stardustic
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Welcome fairyluver


Hello, my name is Teresa and I just had my first baby 11 days ago. We have been having latching problems but I wanted to make sure to keep my supply up while we worked through it so I have been pumping. I find myself feeding her EBM more than her actually breastfeeding thus far. I am trying to stay encouraged and know that breast milk is fantastic any way you give it to them, but it's hard. My husband bought me a Medela dual pump, so that will hopefully help. Anyways, hopefully I can find some refuge and support here with other women that are possibly in the same boat.
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Welcome tammylc

Hi! My name's Tammy and my baby Liam is 4 months old. I've been back at work 3 days a week for a month now, and am finding pumping to be quite a challenge. I'm pumping 5 times during my 8 hour workday and getting a grand total of 10 ounces of milk. Unfortunately, Liam drinks 12 ounces while I'm away. So I'm doing some extra pumping in the morning and evening and on weekends to keep up with him and hopefully build up at least a little bit of a supply.

I thought I'd join this community to share my experiences and see if I can pick up any wisdom to help with my pumping.
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Welcome gemini_dreams

Hi, My name is Rachael, and i've started pumping for my 2 week old son, just because it's easier for me to have some bottles on hand for his father to help with feedings. I'm looking forward to being part of this community, and getting some help with things from people who are a little more experienced with it.